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As holistic health practitioners, Whole Body Health believe in the importance of understanding all of your physical and emotional needs to fully individualize your care. We practice natural and non-invasive health care under the expert direction of Dr. Jeffrey Ulery. With Austin Whole Body Health, you can rest assured that you are receiving the most up-to-date and advanced chiropractic, acupuncture and wellness care available. We utilize state-of-the art technology, including cold laser therapy (Erchonia) and pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements, in conjunction with the latest wellness techniques available.

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Get Healthy!

New Year’s Resolutions to get healthy and feel better for the entire year of 2015!  The “Whole Body Health for Life Class” leads participants in a nutritional and lifestyle makeover to increase energy, improve mental clarity and body composition, decrease aches and pains, address allergies and food sensitivities, manage weight, and increase an overall feeling of well-being.

A four-week nutritional and lifestyle makeover to boost energy, improve mental clarity and decrease body aches and pains. Mondays from 7pm to 8: 30pm starting January 12 – February 9, 2015.

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