Eyelights Therapy

What is Eyelights Therapy?

Discover a new way to improve your life with Eyelights, a new technology that is now available at Whole Body Health. Eyelights are provide a therapeutic light through the eyes in order to stimulate and balance brain function. By stimulating the weaker side of the brain you allow it to become stronger, thus improving overall performance both mentally and physically.

Eyelights can be used by anyone since everyone has one side of the brain that functions at a higher level than the other. Eyelights are being worn by children with learning disabilities in order to keep them more attentive and focused in the classroom. Athletes are wearing Eyelights to increase performance on the field or to push through a plateau. Anyone can wear Eyelights to deal more effectively with stress, depression, or neurological disorders. Let Eyelights take you Beyond Limitation!

We have seen great results in patients who suffer from: memory loss, scoliosis, learning disorders, ADHD, and muscle memory. Patients also experience better than average post-surgical recovery times. Dr. Peter Jaillet, a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist, practicing in Carrollton, Texas is the creator of Eyelights and to learn more about Eyelights, visit his website at Eyelights Therapy.

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