Whole Body Health

Qi-5 Scan & Balance

Whole Body Balancing

Reduce Stress, Allergies, and Inflammation

The Qi-5 Scan & Balance, also known as the ASA Whole Body Balancing System, is a holistic alternative for reducing stresses in the body including allergies and other inflammatory conditions brought on by food sensitivities or environmental exposure.

The Qi-5 Scan & Balance creates a specific set of frequencies to correct imbalances using induction laser therapy on ear and body acupuncture points. Each assessment and treatment takes between 15-20 minutes, is totally painless and is customized to your individual needs. You then follow each session with an EB-305 detox foot bath to avoid any detox reaction such as a mild headache.

Fast and painless procedure

Treat Imbalance

Pet allergies (cats, dogs, horses, etc…)
Environmental allergies (dust, mold, incense, perfumes, metals, pollutants and chemicals)
Seasonal allergies (grasses, trees, flowers, pollen)
Food allergies (gluten, yeast, dairy, wheat, sugar, tomato, fruits, nuts)
Internal allergies (acids, enzymes, hormones)

Qi-5 Scan & Balance

Symptom Relief

Food & Seasonal Allergies
Hormone Imbalances
Autoimmune Disorders
Gut Dysfunction, Gas, Bloating & Indigestion
Pain & Inflammation
Weight Loss
Joint Pain

Qi-5 Testimonies

“At first I thought the ASA System was only for allergies, oh how I was wrong! For the last 7 years my menstrual bleeding was 10-14 days long and I had really bad acne before during and after my cycle. After learning about and doing my sessions with Brimhall Wellness and the ASA System, my menstrual cycle is down to 4-6 days, and my acne is almost completely gone! I can’t say enough great things about this therapy!”

“I’ve NEVER felt better! I have accountability with a friend on my workout plan. My hair is growing back! For once in my life, I have hope that I do not have to continue living the way I did for the past 28 years. I will continue to see Dr. Brimhall and Andrea every 3 months for continued treatment and support. Now, when I look in the mirror, I can say that I’m looking healthier and healthier every day.”

“Immediately, we were able to identify from the ASA System that I was allergic to wheat/gluten. This worked hand in hand with the Hashimoto’s Disease that Dr B was discussing with me, a disease I’ve had since birth but never properly diagnosed and educated on.”

Testimonial from Molly, one of Dr. Brimhall’s younger patients, who has had great success with Qi-5 for her allergies.

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