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What Is Kinesiotape?


Kinesiotape was invented in 1973 in Japan and is the world’s foremost elastic therapeutic tape.  By mimicking the qualities of human skin, Kinesiotape can provide proven, comfortable treatment to patients of any age or condition.  Kinesiotape enhances muscular, joint and circulatory function and can be applied and worn 24 hours per day, 3-5 days.  In addition, Kinesiotape can be used during acute and rehabilitative care, as well as a prevention for future injuries.

Kinesiotape helps return the body to homeostasis in addition to enhancing the muscle, joint, tendon, fascia, lymph to reach full potential.

Although Kinesiotape’s recent boom in popularity can be attributed to national exposure from athlete use, the majority of kinesiotape users are non-athletes.  People all over the world are choosing kinesiotape for its ability to treat them without interfering in their daily activities.

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Muscle Benefits

Relieves pain
Increases motion
Decreases spasm
Increases strength
Assists tissue recovery
Reduces fatigue
Balances opposing muscles

Joint Benefits

Improves biomechanics
Improves alignment
Reduces muscle guarding & pain
Improves ligament & tendon functio
Improves joint awareness

Sports Using Kinesiotape

75% of Major League Baseball teams
50% of National Football League teams
33% of Major League Soccer
National Basketball Association
Olympic athletes
College athletes
US Cycling Team

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