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Allergy Treatments

As your wellness doctor in Austin, we will work with you to manage and eliminate your allergies with several methods. You do not have to live with Allergies or Auto-immune disorders. There is a simple solution. Discover the link between what you eat and how you feel with Advanced Allergy Testing.

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Heal & Repair The Digestive Tract

We can evaluate and recommend nutrients to heal and repair the digestive tract. Candida, a yeast, can also be a contributor to allergies and sensitivities especially food sensitivities. Total Enzymes, Total Probitoics are essential for all who suffer from allergies. Other nutrients such as Total Yeast Redux and Total Upper GI may also be suggested.


Allergy/Sensitivity Elimination Technique is a revolutionary treatment system based on the principles of Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Muscle Response Testing. This technique was developed by Dr. John Brimhall which can bring about dramatic improvement – at times even total elimination – for all types of allergies.  It is a simple, non-invasive and extremely effective adjunct technique for reducing symptoms for allergies related to animal dander, chemicals, foods, pollens (mold, cedar, oak, etc…), msg, dust, etc…

Lifestyle Eating Modifications

Avoiding sugar, fruit juices (especially for children), wheat and white flour, hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils and pasteurized dairy products is almost always helpful.


As your wellness practitioner we will use several different methods of detoxifying the body. Often times allergies are worsened by toxins within the body. Detox considerations will include nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies, and the EB Energy Balancer detoxifying footbath. The EB Energy Balancer was designed and developed to restore the body’s energy and balance while facilitating and aiding in its natural detoxification process. This device has been proven in clinical trials to balance and restore the body’s Ph and electromagnetic energy. Nutritional recommendations may include Total Liver D-tox or Total Systemic D-tox to detoxify the system and Total Veggie or Total Chelate to further detoxify. We may also recommend a homeopathic heavy metal remedy to move heavy metals out of the system.

Decrease The Inflammatory Response

We live in a society where many of the foods we eat actually contribute to inflammation and poor health. Avoiding all the foods listed in step 2 will significantly reduce systemic inflammation and remove a burden from the immune system. Nutritionally support the health of your cells and naturally decrease inflammation with American Heart Association endorsed Omega-3 Essential Oils. Our favorites are Super EPA and Complete Omega Essentials.

Manage The Stress Monster

Stress hormones wreck havoc in the body and especially in the immune system. Learn methods of stress management such as meditation, taking time for you and just simply learning to say NO to the stuff that is not truly in line with your goals and values. Nutritionally support the stress response in your body with DSF (De-Stress Formula). We can also monitor your cortisol levels (stress hormone) with a simple saliva test and make nutritional and lifestyle recommendations based upon the results.

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