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Wellness Is A Lifestyle


Wellness is a positive approach to living – an approach that emphasizes the whole person. It is the integration of the body, mind, and spirit. The health and wellness services of Whole Body Health that have helped many people already.

At Whole Body Health, we live by the concept that wellness is a lifestyle. We are not just focused on making the sick better, we are focused on helping you achieve the wellness that you are meant to experience.

Micronutrient Testing

Today, you can have the chance to know and measure the functionalities of your body at cellular level. Subject yourself with micronutrient testing of Whole Body Health and we’ll guide you knowing what minerals and antioxidants create, change, or destroy your body.

Neurotransmitter Testing

There can be multiple ways that neurotransmitter imbalances are detected. t is essential to identify which one really causes the symptom of your condition. With the neurotransmitter testing at Whole Body Health, our health professionals can evaluate neurotransmitter levels just using urine samples.

Cardiometabolic Testing

Do you want to know what cardiovascular disease could be affecting your health? We walk you through our cardiometabolic testing, so you can have a detailed understanding of your cardiovascular health.

Hormone Testing

More often than not, the condition of our body is affected by the changes in our hormone levels. This boils down to the essence of tracking the movement of our hormone levels, which is easier than it sounds with the help of hormone testing at Whole Body Health.

Allergy-Free Life

Live with Awarenesss

Qi-5 Scan & Balance, also known as the ASA Whole Body Balancing System, is a holistic alternative for reducing stresses in the body including allergies and other inflammatory conditions brought on by food sensitivities or environmental exposure.

Qi-5 Scan & Balance creates a specific set of frequencies to correct imbalances using induction laser therapy on ear and body acupuncture points. Each assessment and treatment take between 15-20 minutes, is totally painless, and is customized to your individual needs.

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