Back Sleeping fix

For snorers, back, or supine, sleeping is not the best position because you’ll tend to fall into that snoring. Judy oftentimes will push me off of my back and ask me to sleep on my side because I have a tendency to snore as well.

I do recommend using a cervical pillow, something that’s going to be a little bit thinner behind your head and give you a little more support under your neck. But you can use a regular pillow and kind of twist it a little bit to get what you’re trying to get out of it.

One of the things that I really adamantly recommend people do is put something behind their knees. What you want to do is soften the knees a little bit, because most of us do a lot of sitting during the day, which we don’t do a great job of doing either.

When we put that little pillow behind our knees, what it does is it actually softens and loosens the hip flexors, which takes pressure off the back. The hip flexors actually go from the inside of the leg, to the low back, all the way up to the diaphragm. And so they’re very long muscles. Once again, they shorten when you’ve been in a sitting position most of the day. The body was created to be upright.

When we’re sitting a bunch, those hip flexors will get really tight. When we lay down on our back, it can tend to create a lot of back pain for us. Softening the knees, it doesn’t have to be a big pillow, just something really small. The other thing I want to show you what not to do is using a lot of pillows under the neck. The head is then tilted up, and we want to make sure that we’re not in that tilt up position. We want to be in a neutral position.

You want to get a pillow that does that for you. I do have a couple of pillows I recommend, if you want to learn more about that. I suggest just roll the long side of the pillow up under the neck to a little bit of support. This is my preferred position when sleeping on your back. You want to have the roll behind the neck. You want to have a little bit of dissension or a recline in the head and something behind the knees.

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