Facial peels are a type of skin resurfacing. The chemical peel is done by applying chemical solutions or acids to remove the top layers of skin and reveal the smoother, unblemished skin beneath. Facial peels can help improve skin texture and decrease wrinkles. They can also help even out skin tone and reduce acne scars. There are three levels of peels: light, medium, and deep.

Light peels

  • Light peels can smooth out skin and make it look younger and brighter
  • They can improve fine wrinkles, uneven color, and mild scarring from acne
  • Redness and dryness and discoloration of the skin for a few days to a week
  • Recovery time is relatively short.

Medium to Deep peels

  • Medium peels also help with fine wrinkles and superficial blemishes.
  • Deep peels treat coarser wrinkles, more severe blotches and blemishes and more severe acne scars, and pre-cancerous growths.
  • Skin will look red and raw. Over the next few days, skin will appear swollen, and it may weep a small amount of clear fluid. The fluid may form a crust or scab. Skin may also feel tender enough to require pain medication. You will be given post op directions for caring for your skin during recovery such as avoid the sun, do not apply certain products etc.
  • Recovery time- can be several weeks
  • Med peels cost $1000 to $2000
  • Deep peels cost $2500 to 6000 which includes doctor fees and anesthesia

Unfortunately, there are many side effects to chemical peels that, at times, can outweigh the benefits. But ther are other alternatives to chemical peels such as the AcuLift. AcuLift is a non-surgical procedure sometimes referred to as the “Acupuncture Facial”. It uses extremely fine micro needles that penetrate the skin and stimulate collagen and elastin production, with no reported down time. Clinical studies have shown that AcuLift is just as effective as laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, and chemical peel treatments. Studies also show that using the AcuLift may increase effectiveness of the your everyday facial lotion up to 200 times, increase absorption of skin care products up to 200%, and increase collagen production up to 1,000%.

After just a few treatments, Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture may erase as many as five to fifteen years from the face. Fine lines may be entirely eliminated, deeper wrinkles faded, bags under the eyes reduced, droopy eyelids lifted, and double chins minimized. Each person responds differently, depending on condition and lifestyle prior to treatment. Results become most noticeable on or by the seventh session. Maintenance sessions can prolong the results for five to ten years, and a healthy diet is encouraged.

Before going for a chemical peel, contact us here at Whole Body Health for more information on an alternative facial rejuvenation procedure.