Stress is a part of everyday life and some of us experience more of it than others. Not only that, but we handle it in different ways.

When we are in a stressed state, we actually experience physical symptoms such as an increased heart rate, upset stomach, and a tightening and contracting of our muscles, particularly in the neck and shoulders. This frequently results in pain, muscle tension, soreness, and stiffness in that area, along with tension headaches that can be frequent and/or severe.

Depending on the cause of your stress, there are a variety of stress management techniques you can practice to relieve mental stress including meditation, talk therapy, sleep, and exercise. The physical results of that stress can be addressed through heat/cold therapy, massage, and stretching exercises aimed at relieving tension in the neck and shoulders. 

But what if you’ve already tried that?

Long-term stress due to unresolved issues, especially when centered around a particular traumatic event, can leave emotional stress to actually get stuck in the body leading to chronic neck and shoulder pain that may not respond to more conservative techniques. That’s a great time to try the NeuroEmotional Technique (NET) for releasing this type of stress. 

NET is a therapeutic process aimed at identifying the stuck emotions tied to our physical pain and helping the body to let them go. The technique involves a manual muscle test designed to identify involuntary physiological responses to verbal and physical stimuli.

By cross-checking the physical pain in the neck and shoulders using physical stimuli against the body’s emotional pathways using verbal stimuli, a skilled practitioner can reveal the physiology of the body in an energetic sense. Just a light touch at trigger point locations can reveal an involuntary faltering, or incongruence, at polarity points in the body. The particular point on the body that reacts can tell us a lot about the stuck emotions with which a patient may be dealing.

Once the blockage is identified, special attention is paid to the emotional event while pulse or spinal correction is made, allowing for a more complete mind/body healing connection.

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