It is widely known that cell phones emit electro-magnetic radio frequency radiation (RF) and the human being operating it absorbs it.  RF is a different type of radiation than that emitted in X-ray technology, and while X-rays have a proven link to increased cancer risk, the effects of RF radiation on consumer health are widely unproven at his point.  But evidence is mounting that it is indeed harmful. 

In addition, most people are exposed to X-ray radiation only on rare occasions, while cell phones are used on a daily basis, sometimes all day, increasing the exposure and potential health hazards.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified RF radiation as a “possible human carcinogen.”  Other studies have also linked it to increased risk of cancers, as well as attention deficit disorder and sterility, with children and teens being at greatest risk for negative effects. 

For these reasons, scientists are continuing to study the possible detrimental effects of cell phone use on overall health, specifically on eyes, sleep, memory, and an increase in headaches and some types of tumors, such as acoustic neuroma, a growth on the nerve that connects the ear to the brain, and glioma, a tumor found in the brain or central nervous system. 

It’s important to note that these studies focus not only on the dangers of talking on your cell phone, but the risks of carrying it on your body as well, since there have been reports of women who used to carry their phones in their bras — not as uncommon as you think — that have developed breast tumors in the exact location the phone was stored.  That’s because as long as the phone is turned “on,” it is emitting RF.   In fact, cell phone manuals, in a section often skimmed over, generally recommend that phones be kept at least 5/8” from your body at all times. 

As part of life in the modern age, it is highly unrealistic to suggest eliminating cell phone use entirely.  We’ve grown so accustomed to being “in touch” 24/7, that it’s changed the way we conduct our business and personal relationships.  There are, however, some things you can do to reduce exposure to harmful radiation when using your cell phone:

  • Use the speaker phone/blue tooth options or earbuds whenever possible.  This helps ensure the phone is a safe distance away from you.
  • Consider taking a supplement, such as melatonin, green tea polyphenol, gingko biloba, among others, that are proven to naturally help reduce the risks of radiation on the body.  As with all supplements, check with your healthcare provider first to ensure it safely mixes with other treatments and supplements.
  • Attach a Radiation to Light Microprocessor (R2L) to your cell phone to absorb the excess radiation.  Whenever the phone is “on,” the R2L device captures the excess radiation as electricity and discharges it in the form of harmless light, drastically reducing the absorption rate of radiation at multiple depths and locations on the head and body.  This device is super thin and it works, and we can show it to you if you’re interested.

Whole Body Health carries the supplements and the Radiation to Light Microprocessor mentioned above.  Call (512) 328-5200 or stop by Whole Body Health today to begin protecting yourself from harmful cell phone radiation.

See the Today Show’s segment on limiting children’s cellphone exposure: