Please note this article was written prior to October 22nd, when Austin Water issued a city-wide boil water notice for all of its customers.  Fortunately, the boil water notice will be lifted very soon, once Austin Water can stabilize the treatment systems. This article is still a very important reminder of the benefits of drinking plenty of water.

It’s easy to take water for granted. For such a vital substance, it’s become an unremarkable part of everyday life, flowing into homes in a way that would have been astonishing only a few generations ago. But water can do much more than simply quench thirst.  As the weather is getting cooler, here are some ways water gives your health a naturally powerful boost.

Reduce Headaches

Persistent headaches could be down to eyestrain, stress, or fatigue. But the most common cause of that dull pain behind your eyes is simple dehydration. Drinking enough water helps to protect your brain from the stresses that life throws at it, and can cut headaches and migraines back down to size.

Better Mood

Studies have found that people who drink more water performed better in tests measuring stress levels, mood, and confusion. It’s not clear whether water itself improves your mood, or just prevents dehydration from lowering it. But it’s certainly clear that drinking a sufficient amount of water keeps you happier.

Better Digestion

Water helps produce saliva, the vital first stage in the digestive process. It also boosts the effects of stomach acids by making your food easier to break down. You’ll get more nutrition from the food you eat, with fewer unpleasant digestive problems such as wind and constipation.

Purify and Detox

Drinking more water helps your kidneys function more efficiently and therefore remove more toxins from your body. Forget those faddy, restrictive detox diets: water helps your body detox in a natural and healthy way.

Immune System Boost

When your body is battling fewer toxins, it has more energy to fight other types of invaders, such as bacteria and viruses. Plus, water is essential for carrying oxygen to infection-fighting blood cells. The upshot is that drinking more water gives flagging immune systems a boost, helping you fight off colds and other problems more easily.

Clearer Complexion

And with fewer bacteria in your body, your skin harbors fewer impurities to clog pores and spark off infection and inflammation. While water on its own won’t cure acne, it’s a solid partner in the struggle for clearer skin.

Easier Weight Loss

Drinking water helps your weight loss efforts in three ways. First, downing a cold cup of water brings fast relief from hunger pangs. Second, drinking plenty of water with your meals makes you feel fuller faster. And third, water is naturally calorie-free, making it a perfect replacement for sugary sodas or their chemical-laden diet versions.

If you’re drinking less than eight glasses of water per day, and your sense of well-being isn’t quite what it could be, the solution may be as simple as turning on the faucet.

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