Allergies are nothing more than an inappropriate response to something that you have consumed or been environmentally exposed. Your body sees an ordinary substance as foreign and attacks it sending you into an allergic reaction of red, itchy eyes, a scratchy throat and trouble breathing. It is essentially an error in the body’s immune system where it does anything it can to combat this “bad, foreign” substance.

It seems that more and more, knowledgeable consumers are seeking holistic alternatives like acupuncture to reduce stresses in the body, such as allergies brought on by food sensitivities or environmental exposure. The Biofeedback Whole Body Balancing System marries modern technology with the ancient Chinese healing art of acupuncture to reach a level of effectiveness greater than ever before.  Biofeedback Whole Body Balancing System provides an effective, fast and painless treatment, without drugs or injections, to correct and condition your body’s immune.


The Whole Body Balancing System is a highly advanced yet unassuming desktop tool that uses induction therapy on key acupuncture points to create a specific set of frequencies and correct imbalances.

Unlike conventional medicine with treatments that include injections or prescription medications that often have undesirable side effects, the advanced capabilities of the Biofeedback Body Balancing System provide an effective, fast and painless treatment for a variety of allergies and inflammatory conditions.

Each session consists of an individually customized assessment and treatment that lasts only 15-20 minutes, and is followed by an EB-305 detox foot bath to avoid a detox reaction (mild headache.) Numerous patient testimonials report success.


Individualized biofeedback technology provided by the Biofeedback Whole Body Balancing System can address health issues, such as:

  • Pet allergies (cats, dogs, horses, etc…)
  • Environmental allergies (dust, mold, incense, perfumes, metals, pollutants and chemicals)
  • Seasonal allergies (grasses, trees, flowers, pollen)
  • Food allergies (gluten, yeast, dairy, wheat, sugar, tomato, fruits, nuts)
  • Internal allergies (acids, enzymes, hormones)

If you are interested in learning more about Biofeedback Whole Body Balancing and the effects on allergy sufferers, call our office today to schedule a Biofeedback appointment.