Suffering from fall allergies and cedar fever? Try natural treatment instead of drugs.

Autumn announces its presence in beautiful fashion with cooler weather and the falling of leaves – but for many Central Texas, it also signals a season of respiratory misery. Fall means ragweed season in Austin and surrounding areas, followed by the advent of the dreaded mountain cedar starting in November and continuing through the winter months. Unfortunately, many of us find that antihistamines and other drugs cause side effects of their own while offering only temporary relief. That’s why you’ll be happy to hear about the natural, drug-free fall allergy solutions available at Whole Body Health. These include:

ASA Whole Body Balancing System – This treatment plan creates a specific set of frequencies to correct imbalances using induction laser therapy on ear and body pressure points. Each assessment and treatment takes between 15-20 minutes, is customized to your individual needs.  This advanced technology provides an effective, fast and painless procedure (without drugs or injections) for treating all kinds of allergies, including cedar fever. Click here for more information and video testimonial on ASA.

A/SERT Desensitization – Desensitization is a tried-and-true means of helping your body learn how to “ignore” specific allergens instead of creating uncomfortable reactions. In the A/SERT technique, our chiropractor administers low-level laser stimulation to certain key points on your body while you’re holding a sample of the troublesome allergen. This alters the autonomic nervous system to de-program that particular allergic response. Click here for more information on A/SERT.

Acupuncture – According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, low levels of a form of energy called Wei Qi make some people more prone to the sneezing, running nose and other upper respiratory allergy symptoms. Quarterly seasonal acupuncture sessions can help you maintain stronger resistance to allergens.

Nutrition – We help you identify and avoid specific foods that might set off your allergies (such as chamomile, for instance, if you’re allergic to ragweed). Chinese herbs and other nutritional supplements can also help you strengthen your immune system.

Last but not least, don’t forget that chiropractic care can do much to normalize your nerve function, which in turn, keeps all your physical systems operating more efficiently – including your immune system. We’ll be happy to evaluate your allergies and come up with a holistic health program to make your autumn a happier one, so contact us today to set up an appointment!