The feedback loop between your mind and your body is known as the mind/body connection.  Simply put, it’s a biological communication that acknowledges what’s going on in your mind can have a direct impact on what’s happening in your body — and vice versa. You may know someone with a chronic illness or who is recovering from surgery or injury that finds themselves depressed about their current state or anxious about how their body will function after recovery.

In the same way that pain and illness can lead to negative mood, unresolved stress can result in physical manifestations such as illness and pain.

While conventional medicine is likely to treat both pain and mood disorders with prescription medication, the NeuroEmotional Technique (NET) aims to get to the root of the problem by revealing the ways embedded stress may be negatively affecting overall health and functionality.

How Does it Work?

NET involves a manual muscle test not to determine strength, but as a tool to cross-check emotional triggers against specific neurological points along the body’s meridians that are associated with a stress response. A skilled practitioner uses a series of light, yet strategic, touches to detect interruptions in the flow of bodily energy — a reflexive faltering, or incongruence, that suggests stored stress.

Once identified, these negative stress response patterns can be addressed directly through pulse or spinal correction and the body’s ability to heal itself is unleashed.

NET also allows healing modalities to work more effectively.  For example, a patient that finds relief from spinal adjustment only to almost immediately need realignment, often has unresolved emotional issues preventing their treatment from sticking. Once NET is used to identify stored stress issues, the chiropractic adjustments are much more likely to hold, relieving pain and making each treatment more beneficial.

Research shows that unresolved stress not only compromises our body’s immune response making us more susceptible to virus and infection, but is linked to a higher risk of disease, including heart disease. In fact, some believe up to 90% of physical issues have a strong emotional component.

Comprised of a variety of several proven healing modalities such as acupuncture, chiropractic and talk therapy that can be utilized as needed for complete healing, NET is our preferred means for holistically addressing chronic or recurring health issues that have an emotional overlay. It’s 100 percent natural, noninvasive, and scientifically proven.

Contact Whole Body Health about using NET to determine if your emotional health is keeping your physical health from improving. 

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