We’ve long known that many physical ailments have an associated stress component, intricately linking emotional health with physical health. In fact, some believe up to 90% of physical issues have a strong emotional overlay.

Functional medicine recognizes this and uses the mind/body connection to fully reveal what is going on with a patient’s overall health. Body-oriented practitioners, including those here at Whole Body Health, utilize the NeuroEmotional Technique (NET), an amalgamation of many healing principles designed to cross check emotional triggers with specific neurologic points of the body to discern an association.

NET is based on the proven principle that unresolved emotions or stress often have physiological manifestations — actual aches, pains or other chronic conditions.

Often, we deal quickly with daily stressors and significant traumas, and we push them to the back of our subconscious so that we can get on with the business of our lives. If never fully processed, these denied feelings and emotions get stuck in a negative loop.  This not only inhibits emotional healing, but manifests in physical symptoms down the line.

We may not even be able to remember the original source of trauma or series of stressful events — or we may think they seem insignificant at this point in time —  but these unresolved, often unfelt, emotions can result in negative stress patterns that lead to illness and pain.

What’s more, this undefined loop of negativity can prevent other efforts toward wellness from being successful.  For example, chiropractic adjustments that offer immediate relief don’t last, or talk therapy stalls, because patients can only discuss stress they consciously remember.

How Does NET Work?

The centerpiece of NET is a manual muscle test designed to identify involuntary physiological responses to verbal and physical stimuli.

The practitioner cross-checks a suspected physical problem against the body’s emotional pathways to reveal the physiology of the body in an energetic sense.  This involves a light touch in specified locations that results in an involuntary faltering, or incongruence, at polarity points in the body.

Once identified, particular attention is paid to the emotional event while pulse or spinal correction is made, allowing for a more complete mind/body healing connection.

The NeuroEmotional Technique is our preferred means for holistically addressing chronic or recurring health issues that have an emotional connection. NET is a completely natural, noninvasive, and scientifically proven technique.  It makes an effective addition to any holistic healing process and overall wellness effort.

Contact us to discuss using NET to discover if your emotional health is keeping your physical health from improving.

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